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I’m Tillie. Raised four kids, almost single-handedly, and now enjoying grandchildren.  I wanted to put this blog together to post my interests.

I love to bake, and have become addicted to finding all sorts of recipes on Pinterest. I’ve actually tried several of the recipes I’ve pinned, and those are the only ones I’ll post about on this blog. I also have an extensive recipe collection pre-Pinterest.

I also love doing projects around the house. I bought my house in 2012, and have projects planned for each room. The house was built in the 80s, and looked like it hadn’t been touched since. I don’t do extreme renovations, but they are out of the ordinary. Not a trendy person at all.

In my early years, I wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed, very much, being a mother and teaching my kids, and watching them grow. It is even more satisfying teaching my grandkids the simplest of things, and seeing the look of amazement on their little faces. So, I was a teacher after all, but not in a public school system.

I hope  this blog will give others ideas or teach them something they didn’t know.

Have fun!

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