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Did You Have a Good Weekend? I Did!

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I work at an office, with 12 women and 9 men. The men are rarely in the office. For the most part, the women interact about home life and things going on at the office.

Something that really bugs me lately is the fact that I come in on a Monday morning, after a wonderful weekend, and everyone else is gloomy and sulking.

Last week, we all knew well in advance that a storm was coming and it would be raining all weekend. I thought I planned well for a weekend of bad weather, and staying home. I found a new recipe for stew, and made plans to finish a bathroom project that was long overdue.

I felt great, going to work Monday morning. I had accomplished my goal of finishing the bathroom project, made a wonderful stew and, in spite of the nasty weather, had an overall enjoyable weekend.

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