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Road Trip!!

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In just a couple of days, my youngest son is accompanying me on the greatest road trip I’ve ever taken. My youngest daughter moved from Texas to Delaware last year. She seems to be having a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings, and missing family much more than she anticipated. So, I decided to plan a trip to go see her. Of course, travel by plane was researched first. I got frustrated trying to find the flight for the best price, with a schedule that worked for me. Then, the idea to drive came to mind. Well, I decided, I really don’t want to drive halfway across the country in a car I don’t know, and have to worry about the time I pick it up and return it. So, I’m taking my own car, on my own time!
 To make the trip more interesting, challenging, and adventurous, I got the idea to travel by map! When’s the last time you actually used a map? Shortly after I got this bright idea, I heard a broadcast on the radio that reported the percentage of Americans who have never used a road map. I believe it was 48%, and they conducted a street survey to ask random people if they had every used an actual map. Surprising, and sad, but all the more reason to proceed with my plan for our road trip. 
A couple of weeks later, I presented the idea to my son. He was ecstatic! He immediately dug out his Road Atlas from the closet where he still stores some of his belongings at my house. My youngest son is 27, but is not the typical twenty something. He detests technology, no Facebook for him, and no cell phones during a meal! I appreciate that he prefers “old school” ways of doing things, but it’s somewhat humorous when I “out-tech” him. 
The Road Atlas my son has is from 2008, if I remember correctly. He has taken a few long distance road trips – Texas to Ohio, Texas to New York. I recently read that if a map is more than a couple of years old, toss it.  Oh, this should be interesting!
I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. My family took road trips all the time, but that was pretty typical for my generation. I took my kids on many road trips, too. My youngest son enjoyed sitting in the front seat, following the route with the road map spread out on his lap. I called him “My little navigator”. He’s a great road companion. 
I’ll confess, I have used Google Maps to get an idea of the general route, but we’re not breaking out the phones, except to take pictures! (Here’s a sampling of my road trip pics) 
It has been exciting, and stressful, planning this trip. I’ve never planned such a trip, and there’s even a bit of nervousness in me, but I keep telling myself whatever happens, it will all work out, and we’ll have fun! By the time we leave, I’ll have myself convinced!
Maybe next time I plan an adventure like this, I’ll do it on National Read A Road Map Day.
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